Special Holidays

In the baking industry there are many special holidays that are celebrated traditionally with desserts specially baked for the occasion. These holidays can be specific days (Valentine’s Day, Sant Jordi –Saint George-, San Juan –Saint John-…) or periods of time (Christmas, Lent...)


Some of the most important ones in Catalonia are:

  • January 1st (New Year’s Day)
  • January 6th – Reyes (the day of the three Wise Men), Epiphany
  • February 14th – Valentine’s Day, the day of the lovers
  • March 19th – San José (Saint Joseph) and Father’s Day
  • Lent
  • Easter
  • April 23th – Sant Jordi (Saint George)
  • April 27th – La Virgen de Montserrat (the Virgin of Montserrat) – Patron saint of the patissiers
  • 1st Sunday of May – Mother’s Day
  • June 23rd – verbena de San Juan, festival of Saint John
  • June 28th – verbena de San Pedro, festival of Saint Peter
  • September 11th – La diada, the National Day of Catalonia
  • September 24th – La Mercè, the annual festival of the city of Barcelona
  • October 12th – El Pilar, Columbus Day
  • November 1st – All Saints Day
  • December 8th – La Immaculada, Feast of the Immaculate Conception
  • December 13th – Santa Lucía, Saint Lucia
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve


A sample of some of our most emblematic special holidays desserts